Sunday, May 13, 2018

Natural prints on knit silk with windfalls 落葉的印染

This prints on knit silk with those leaves collected on biking.   Prints mainly of eucalyptus and lemmon marigolds leaves.
Last week I went to the suburb just wanted to get some windfalls. It's a leisure ride so I was in light outfit of my own prints.  The fallen eucalyptus buds are perfect for my experiments.  
Home with handful windfalls and done on knit silk with alum and tannin mordant.  I made double (mirror) prints, one with alum mordant, one with iron mordant so as for two shades of outcome.
Prints of eucalyptus buds with iron mordant 

"Before & After" of one placement for two prints in one go. 
Iron mordant print is khaki and alum mordant is golden yellow.
Two pieces of knit silk of the same plants with different tones done in one go.
This heavy knit silk drapes nicely.
It's such a good experiment on this sort of knit silk.
Technique of this mordant prints learnt from Irit Dulman two years ago.  Just love how variety we can do with such skills.
I gave this silver grey one to a friend who went with me for the biking.

Friday, May 4, 2018

Eco printed slow fashion 慢活天然印染時裝

More is more, less is less.....
Usually I like "less is more" but this eco printed outfit is made with fabulous prints from my newly fond lemmon marigolds.  Can't help to do experiments with different placement of that plant.
Have done lots of the panel prints and needs to make use of them.  Some had been sewed into tote bags
This one with assorted plants (flowers, leaves, ferns) but mainly with the yellow lemmon marigolds I just sewed into the long outfit.
 From the video you will see my "slow fashion" of the outfits made with the leaves prints.  It was a fine weekday afternoon I went to Tai Mo Shan, our highest mountain for the shooting. I love the area as the plants were from the village down in the mountain. 
 This outfit with organza sleeves for the "see-through" effect and the prints on wool blend front is solid.
 Sounds Mogi loves the golden yellow prints more.
The flowers are crown daisy

Red from madder dye
Sleeves and back are silk organza, front is silk georgette
 "Before & After" of the prints
Gray shade from tannin mordant
Pattern of the outfit I learnt from Revital Avidar.  The basic design is a pull over dress.  I modified it for the open front and ruffled collar of viscose dyed in cochinael.
A light outfit of different fabric and prints
I'm here among the undulating mountains.  I wanted to see further and do more experiments with natural prints.  Sky is the limit. 

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Another natural printed garment 又一植物印染時裝

If you have read my recent blog you can see how I'm hooked on this yellow prints from lemmon marigolds. I have done another tunic with the prints. This tunic is with 3 different materials - silk chiffon, wool blend and viscose.
This day my girl visited me and spent the leisure moment in our area.  She has good feature.  Whenever I see her I would like to ask her to show my works.  To have young ones to fit looks perfect.
I tried to show the piece with breeze but too windy on the mountain.

Same layout as previous few pieces flowing with less composition, still front & back and both sleeves.
Layout of lemmon marigold leaves and flowers on silk chiffon with alum mordant.
The crown daisy,  stroke of dried bamboo blossom and lemmon marigolds.  Bamboo blossom was soaked in iron water. I intended to have the dark dotted lines but not obvious.
A few silver dollar eucalyptus for the orange-red prints.

Comparison of prints on wool blend and silk chiffon sleeves.

The tunic is with lemmon marigolds with alum mordant both plants and the fabric. The dark shades on sides are of iron effect. 

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Natural printed tunic from plants 植物印染襯衣

Proud to be myself. I am by profession not a fashion designer but like arts and crafts.  Nature inspires my creation particularly plants.  As mentioned in my last post I found the lemmon marigolds wonderful prints and addicted to it.  This tunic printed mainly with those leaves and flowers as well crown daisy. 
Flowers and leaves are delicate with very pleasant fragrance.  
The day I went to the area of my studio. Such a leisure walk in the beach. 


It's a weekday with less people
  In short I am happy with this tunic prints
"Less is more" is my motto.  The "flowing movement" placement is what I always like.
Prints of the lemmon marigolds and crown daisy are so bold.
Front is linen, back and sleeves are wool blend, collar is viscose. Yellow prints from alum mordant for fabric and the plants.  Prints outline and grey shades due to iron mordant.
The sleeve placement of Lemmon marigolds leaves, flowers, crown daisy and oxalis.
Same sorts of plants and geranium
Prints of white from oxalis due to acid discharge from the plant
The tunic is light and comfortable 
 A nice moment sitting at the pier reading the poets on my art journal with my paper prints.  Life is good, can't complain.
This is the area Stanley where my tiny studio located.   I always get inspired in the little bay.  I am not a hard seller but sometimes got queries of how to do eco printing.  If you like to do eco printing with basic to fabulous prints here is my on line shop for the instant download pdf tutorials,  Basic English version, Russian version, fabulous version you can do the prints like this tunic.  My passion for the lemmon marigolds printing still on.  Another dress is being made.  Will show after shoting.
Thank you for stopping by, until next.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

The new plants prints incredible 奇妙的植物印染

 I'm really into natural botanical imprints, particular the bold prints of this yellow flower and leaf marks. Three weeks ago the garden owner Miss F gave me such plants I've been doing lots panels experiments.  I have to find out the exact plant name to do some research.
Know there're some in the Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden (KFBG) so I went there to get the name and see what others inspire me.

KFBG is located in the northern slope of Tai Mo Shan in Hong Kong with serene surrounding of beautiful forest and mountain.  My last time there was 2012  with French natural dye expert Michel Garcia for the workshop (last post)
KFBG was established in 1956 with mission to raise awareness of ecological and sustainability issues and base for Kadoorie Agricultural Aid Association (KAAA)

It's a rainy day so just a short visit to see the farm of vegetable and the Art House 
Caught my sight was already the bush of this yellow flowers with very pleasant fragrance.  I asked the staff and got the name of the plant it's Tagetes tenuifolia Lemmon Marigold (芬芳萬壽菊)
I walked into the Art House.  It's open free for visitors to get inspired with nature related art and handicrafts.
 The Collaborative Art - "Nature's Weavers"  is being held.  Visitors are free to get involved to create a giant woven artwork with provided yarns.
 My aim of visiting was to see the flowers so I made a little orange flower looks like marigold.
There's some other creations by visitors they used the materials from the farm.  Very creative and pretty.

All of nature related displays of harmony
 How great I know the plant is Lemmon marigold.  Flowers and leaves are good for prints.  Leaves are good for tea and ediable.  
The recent prints on small pieces of silk and linen were done.
I like to make use of the prints. This one is sewed into a tote bag with Mogi's helping hand.
A tote bag I like but as a "thank you" gift I gave it to Ms F's sister as she's so nice to give me such beautiful plants for my exploration.

 With those Lemmon marigold leaves and the crown daisy from Ms F I printed on linen and silk. The linen piece was sewed into a clutch.
  "Before & After" of prints on silk 
 This is linen
Also prints on linen
My visit was in a hurry but I must be back again soon to see more and up to the mountain for hiking.
 I will do more prints with this plant. I am going to plant my own and do a series of natural prints.   Next I will show the fashion with such amazing prints.

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