Sunday, September 24, 2017

Good Workshops

This is "love bug" Shanti, keeps me company these days day and night.
此間小狗早晚相隨, 優美環境,旭日牀前初昇,學生製作之時,信步海邊馬兒策騎,一嚐坐姿。

One of the few big pieces students done in the workshop.

Can't wish more with a brilliant day to start the workshop with stunning view
Sunrise telling me a good day is in order. On the eco printing days students made lots and lots pretty unique prints after my demo. Here are some of the pieces.

Students made the large pieces will also do nuno felt projects with them. Wearable pieces made from scratch to finish will be done these days.
Students in the mid of workshop 

While we're doing works in the studio, just steps away seaside people riding horse. What heavenly!!!
Let me have a ride!

Friday, September 22, 2017

Workshop Comox

What do you think? 
Yes, sample just done for the student' ref in my workshop here in Comox Valley 

在這臨海大宅 - 我教學也是居亭,如斯好客主人及優美環境, 雖有點寒意,仍在創作一些實驗樣本,很不錯的效果。

Arrived and busy in testing the local plants. It's good to do with some though not all works.
It's so cold here but cozy in the house with the host family. Delicious meals and brilliant sea view in the big house

This is the house by the sea where U am staying and teaching.
Such nice sunrise to start a day
How can I get not inspired in such stunning place!
Blessing that I have wonderful hosts show me around their beautiful area and have a relaxing day to see around before the official teaching on Friday.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Heading to BC

Before flying to BC Vancouver I took a moment strolling along the driveway to view Lake Ontario and last glimpse of small town Brighton.
Stepping on the windfalls of red and yellow maples found it's already fall now.

Goodbye to my host Amy for the unforgettable stay in her huge Alpaca farm
The farm where I spent the interaction of eco printing is such a natural ambience

No mail today? But you still know where I am. I am fine in the wonderland........
Further in the Lake Ontario is USA. If it's a clear day we can see Buffalo.
A small town Brighton. When I see this bike I really want to ride.

Time to say goodbye to the farm, to my friends to the furry friends.

Sweet soul rubbing on my leg. how can I leave you?

Time to go...... thanks for Amy's hospitality for my warm stay in Ontario. Dinner ended with sumptuous lobster.

In the very early morning at 5:45am I left hotel for the Toronto airport heading to Vancouver then by a small flight to Comox Valley.
Heading to Comox port received by host Genoa then a short stay in her boat. We'Re in high spirit to soucucing leaves 

I will do some samples with these leaves then a formal workshop on the Friday.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Interaction ecoprints

The huge alpaca farm in Colbourne, Ontario where my friend Amy owns has 83 alpacas

Because of the same fanatic of fibre passion, I came all the way from Hong Kong to Ontario to meet Amy in her huge Alpaca farm to share and interact with people of my creation. I played felting with the fleece and eco printing.

The 83+ alpacas are so adorable, children like them we all love them.  The farm with almost 100 furry pets, big and small dogs as well cats. 
One of it the black magic Fat Tony plays the part as Mogi modelling my demo piece.

Yesterday was a very warm Sunday I demo the eco printing started with skills of bundling for the tie dyes and prints.
Like a green salad bar....maple, oak, sumac, walnut, smoke bush and euc for choice

They concentrated on placement with the big dog Phil resting by our side
Unwrapping is always exciting to see how it looks.....

After two hours boiling here comes the prints on the silk scarf.

This is prints of sumac and walnut on cotton I done for the local testing

As the first round done in the East Canada is well I'm anticipating to do the workshops in BC Vancouver this weekend.

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